Real Estate, Join Ventures & Capital Market Advisory

Capital Markets & Project Investments


Marker Group is a private investment firm that provides a combination of advisory skills and industry experience of sourcing & acquisitions, project management, joint venture and asset management across Asia Pacific. We aim to add value for our clients and improve their return on investments.

  • Residential & Commercial Raw to DA Approved Development Sites
  • Hotels & Service Apartments
  • Commercial Asset Sourcing
  • Funds & Joint Ventures
  • Finance and Capital Rising
  • Entertainment, Films and Media
  • Mining and Resources Offtake

Family Office and Private Investments

Project Acquisitions

Acting for our private investors or listed corporations, we identify investment project opportunities that meet specific goals, market segments and return on equity. The projects not only increase their market liquidity but also create a positive future growth in market capitalisation.

Portfolio Strategy

Whether you are new to the sector and considering your first investment, or an experienced investor seeking to enhance returns, we collaborate with the investors to plan a successful investment strategy to diversify and maximise your investment portfolio.

Asset Acquisitions

Acting on behalf of the investors, we consistently look for asset investment opportunities where we can add value to the target asset, such as identifying asset inefficiencies, changing commercial buildings to residential apartments , hotels and service apartments.

Investment Management

Marker Group manages investment projects on behalf of investors locally and aboard. We maximise the project returns from managing day to day operations all the way to management levels. Our hands-on approach to ensure the projects are heading to the right direction

From Private to Institutional Investors

We cater to a wide range of clients, from private investors to institutional groups. Our direct and extensive operations, strategic planning, asset management and development are available to enhance all aspects of your return on investment, driving portfolio growth and providing stable income distribution to the investors.

Create dynamic solutions to match your goals


Identify market inefficiencies and uncover market opportunities

Deliver professionalism and responsive service

Consistently deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for long term wealth


We build long-term relationships with our clients where our efforts are results focused and we participate in the value we create on your behalf. We believe that basing our remuneration upon your success – whenever possible – ensures a full alignment of interests from day one.

  • Equity Investment in Real Estate Developement and Debt Financing
  • Assets acquisitions for private investors
  • Family office management and advisory
  • Assets portfolio restructure and finance 
  • Commercial and Residential Development
  • Entertainment related projects and IP investments for Theatre Shows, Movies and VR products
  • Joint venture with hotel owners and operators 
  • Property amalgamation into one development
  • Representing high net worth Gold & Bullion buyers in Asia and Pacific